• National Karastan Month

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  • New for May – Kenzzi Collection

    New for May

    The Kenzzi Collection is imported from Turkey.  The gorgeous porcelain tile has a Middle Eastern design flair.  Both beautiful and practical, this porcelain tile can be used in both residential and commercial settings on floors, walls, backsplash and accents.  This glazed porcelain collection offers mostly geometric design with soft color a softer color palette of greys, whites, black, tan, and beige.  What we love about this line is that it offers a unique perspective that combines international accents which can be used in both modern and historical settings.  Add perspective and depth to your design with Kenzzi.

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  • outdoor natural stone surface kitchen countertopsA The Path Well Traveled — to Your Pool or Spa

    The Path Well Traveled — to Your Pool or Spa

    April showers may bring May flowers, but the warm sunshine also brings visions of you relaxing in a pool or spa just outside your backdoor. Hold on to that dream, because reality might be more like the constant coming and going of family, friends, and furry pets. You’ll need a pathway, patio, or pool surround that serves many purposes.

    Natural stone can satisfy your desire to have a walkway surface that is durable, requires minimal care, speaks to your style, and blends with nature, all in a variety of finishes, textures, and colors.

    To start you on the right path, take a minute to read “Why Natural Stone Is Your Best Choice for a Poolside Surface.” The article covers choosing the right stone, advantages, and care.

    Remember, the perfect pathway starts with a little research and ends with the relaxing dip in the pool you’ve been dreaming of.

  • What types of stone flooring are there?

    Natural Stone

    Flagstone: Flagstone is a sedimentary rock which is split or cut into layers. Flagstone tiles are most often used outdoors for patios, walkways, steps, and similar applications

    Granite: Granite is very dense, scratch resistant, and occurs naturally in hundreds of varieties of color and shading. Granite floors are one of the most popular types of stone flooring; granite is also often used for kitchen countertops and in some bath environments. Continue Reading

  • How Stone Floors Are Made

    You might think that getting natural stone from a quarry to your home’s floor is a fairly simple process. Something like just slice and ship. But like all pieces of art, which natural stone should be considered, there’s also a real art to its production. Part art, creativity and passion, part science, system and technology. Continue Reading

  • Installing Stone and Tile Flooring

    Installation of stone floors should be performed by a reliable professional. It is heavy, difficult work that is labor intensive, unforgiving of mistakes and often requires use of some sophisticated tools. Your retailer may offer installation or likely can make a recommendation.

    Continue Reading