• Fear Not the Marble Floor or Shower Surround!

    Etch marks. Stains. Acid cleaners. All of these can strike fear and prevent you from choosing marble for your next home remodeling project or even from buying a house with marble features. It need not be that way.

    In How I Learned Not to Be Intimidated by My Marble Floors, you can learn the difference between etch marks and stains and how to handle each. You can also set up a simple system with the right cleaners and mops for cleaning marble floors, countertops, and shower surrounds. Buy the right cleaners and microfiber mop and throw a squeegee in the shower and a rug at the door, and you’d got it!

  • Natural Stone Flooring—A Trend That Lasts

    Trends come and go, but natural stone flooring comes and goes at a slower rate. The type and style of stone floor you choose today will look appropriate for a long, long time.

    Whether you need a new entranceway, patio, kitchen, or bathroom floor, choosing the right stone for the right purpose per the personality of your home is most important.

    What’s Trending in Natural Stone Flooring gives a few trending suggestions without pressuring you to be trendy. You’re free to choose the natural stone flooring that best suits you and your home.

  • What is the Story with Carpets and Rugs?

    The wide variety of available floor coverings can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know about two in particular.

    Wool is top of the pops natural fabric-wise, in terms of wearability, holding dyes well — and it cleans up in a jiffy. Wool is a staple yarn (small strips spun together) so it can fuzz up a bit and pill (think of your favorite old wool sweater). It’s not hypoallergenic, which means you might sneeze a bit if allergic to wool.

    Mohair carpet is a popular choice for rooms geared towards warmth, particularly in cold climate areas with harsh winters. Although ideal for making a space feel cozy and helping homeowners keep warm, mohair is known for its tendency to shed which will require maintaining its fiber buildup frequently. This can be done with a carpet brush or high-end vacuums which come with hand-held carpet care attachments. Before considering wall-to-wall mohair, test its itchiness by holding it up to arms, legs and necks to see if the skin has any reaction.
    To see the entire list visit https://bit.ly/3bvLzPR
  • Replace Your Flooring Now

    Nice weather’s coming! And, that means more family activities outdoors.

    With less traffic inside your home, now is the time to schedule your overused floor replacement project. If you see peeling panels of vinyl or laminate, cracked tiles, or carpeting with snags, tears, traffic wear, or faded colors, you’ll want to replace those eyesores before the family moves back inside this fall. Better flooring can mean a more upbeat indoor environment, fewer allergens, better insulation, and a greater return on your investment if you sell your home.

    5 Reasons You Need to Renovate Your Floors will explain why it’s essential to upgrade now.

    So, shoo everyone outside and start remodeling!

  • The Best Flooring to Prevent Falls

    Spending more time at home means more walking indoors on your floors. If you’re spending more time at home—and who isn’t—the increased risk of falling might be a concern for you or a loved one.

    The best way to prevent a fall is to do a room-by-room flooring and use assessment. But before you do, read The Best Residential Flooring Options for Aging Adults. It’s a perfect guide that lists the benefits and drawbacks of the most common flooring types, like carpeting, cork, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. You’ll also find a list of the kinds of flooring materials seniors should avoid.

    To avoid falls, start at the bottom and look at your floors.

  • 2021 Hardwood Flooring Trends Keep Pace with Family Demands

    While 2021 ushered in some trying trends—like more family members at home at the same time for longer periods of time—there is hope for making it work.

    Refreshing the family’s environment can uplift everyone’s spirits, especially in multipurpose rooms. Are the kids’ bedrooms now classrooms? Is the kitchen or living room also an office? Is your family room like Grand Central Station? If so, you need durable hardwood flooring that’s light, natural, and stylish.

    Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2021 can help you upgrade your high-use floors, keeping everyone fresh and upbeat. And that’s a great way to start a new year.

  • Introduce Your Feet to New Flooring

    What’s on your feet?

    When you drop your shoes at the door, do you quickly grab a pair of socks or slippers because your feet hate the feel of your floors? Time to change that!

    It’s time to have a soul talk with the soles of your feet. Imagine walking through each room in your house and feeling something better on your feet—softer carpeting, smoother hardwood, water-tolerant tile, cool natural stone, and the practical look and feel of laminate.

    Start by letting this Flooring Buyer’s Guide walk you through 10 of the most popular flooring types. It’s the first step toward finding just the right foot-happy flooring for each room.


  • The Best Flooring to Prevent Falls

    Spending more time at home means more walking indoors on your floors. If you’re spending more time at home—and who isn’t—the increased risk of falling might be a concern for you or a loved one.

    The best way to prevent a fall is to do a room-by-room flooring and use assessment. But before you do, read The Best Residential Flooring Options for Aging Adults. It’s a perfect guide that lists the benefits and drawbacks of the most common flooring types, like carpeting, cork, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. You’ll also find a list of the kinds of flooring materials seniors should avoid.

    To avoid falls, start at the bottom and look at your floors.

  • 2020 Flooring Trends, Now?

    Okay, so 2020 has been a late bloomer, with all of us staying home the first half of the year. And, while at home, you probably spent a great deal of time looking at your floor(s). Now that businesses are starting to roll again, you’re probably itching to update the interior of your home. The best place to start just might be to improve your flooring, as in installing the best kind and color of the floor for keeping clean and ease of care.

    So, take a few moments to skim through 2020 Flooring Trends: 25+ Top Flooring Ideas This Year. While you’re there, you’ll discover plenty of photos to update the rest of your rooms, too.

  • Install Nature’s Greenest Floor in Your Home

    All-natural, renewable, and soft for your knees and back but firm for your feet, cork flooring is your feel-good flooring!

    Cork is sustainably harvested from the regenerative 2-inch bark of cork oak trees grown in the forests around the Mediterranean. We recognize cork in wine bottle stoppers and in the soles of shoes. But since 2000, and because of new technology, engineered floating cork flooring has risen to the top in resilience.

    The Cork Flooring Buyer’s Guide gives you information like this and much more! After reading this detailed guide, you may discover that cork is the floor you’ve been looking for!

  • This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Laminate Floor

    This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Laminate Floor

    Laying down the money for the right flooring is serious business. And everyone wants a floor that’s perfect for the room, attractive, durable, and trendy but long-lasting when it comes to style. When considering the type of flooring, don’t rule out laminates.

    2020 Laminate Flooring Trends gives you more information than you ever thought you needed to know about laminate, wood-looking floors, but that’s a good thing.

    This article covers the trends in flooring types, looks, colors, and patterns and what the experts are saying about newer textures, wider planks, and better engineering. You’ll discover that modern laminate flooring isn’t anything like the laminates introduced in the ‘80s, and that’s definitely a good thing!

  • Read Up before Laying Down an Area Rug

    You’ve been pacing the (bare) floor long enough. You need an area rug, but how to choose? Just the thought has given you cold feet! Should it blend or stand out? What about pile height and size? How far from the walls? What’s a sisal fiber or a French Aubusson? And don’t get me started on patterns, colors, and hues.

    The area rug you choose will set the tone for the entire room, so educate yourself. Read How to Choose the Right Area Rug and watch the helpful video. You’ll be better informed and more confident when browsing online or visiting stores.


  • Hardwood Flooring—Your Home’s Superhero

    Every home needs a superhero, and yours can be your new hardwood floor. A tough, new hardwood floor can stand up against dirt, grime, and daily wear and tear. Hardwood floors add value to your home, are hypoallergenic, and will even age gracefully.

    Your new hardwood floor will be tough and beautiful, but what about its character? Will you choose rustic or rich, light or dark, antiqued, distressed, or polished. To help narrow your choices, read Choosing Hardwood Flooring.

    What will your home’s new superhero look like?

  • National Karastan Month

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  • Carpet Selection: 5 Things You Must Know

    Carpet dealers usually carry samples of many carpet lines from multiple mills and manufacturers in their showrooms. You’ll see a range of quality when you begin your carpet search. Be sure you’re getting a quality carpet that provides comfort, durability, and beauty far into the future.
    Here is a helpful guide to understanding what to expect when visiting a carpet dealer from HGTV.
  • Choosing an Area Rug

    MyBeautifulFloors.com breaks down the best way to choose an area rug that fits your home’s personality, style, and functionality.

  • Have Pets? Checkout the best Hardwood Flooring if You Do!

    Pets. We love ‘em, but they can wreak havoc on your floors.

    Luckily, today’s new flooring has pet protection built right in and many offer warrantied protection against pet accidents and more. Even carpet is getting in on the action, but that’s another story.

    Sandy from MyBeautifulFloors.com has compiled this expert list of the best hard surface floors for pets.

    For additional flooring questions or needs, please visit our website.

  • Are You Thinking about Laminate Flooring?

    Laminate performs and looks so realistic you may be the only one who knows it isn’t the “real” thing. Take a look at Five good reasons why you should consider it!

  • Pro’s and Con’s of Carpet

    Wondering what carpet style is best for your home? This guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision

  • What’s Trending for 2019? More Natural Stone

    It’s not too late to update your home with a trend that will last a lifetime—adding natural stone. What are the latest trends?

    Read Stone and Surfacing Trends to Watch to learn how more and more homeowners are adding natural stone statement walls, stone in the bedroom, stone as art, stone in classic and modern black and white, and natural stone in wet rooms, like open kitchens, open bathrooms, and mud/pet entrances.

    You have all of 2019 to get trendy! Plan to add natural stone.

  • No Chemical Cleansers Needed for This Natural Stone Countertop

    Want to get away from using harsh chemicals in your kitchen? Choose soapstone for your countertops and sinks. Like other dense stones used in kitchens, soapstone is nonporous, which makes it bacteria resistant. It’s also heat resistant, doesn’t stain, and can handle acidic foods like lemon juice.

    This article—Remodeling 101: Soapstone Countertops—covers the pros and minor cons of installing soapstone countertops. After reading this, you’ll be ready to ditch the harsh chemicals and add the natural beauty of soapstone to your kitchen. And after you do, all you’ll need for cleaning your soapstone is water and, well, soap (and a mild one at that).



  • Add Natural Stone to Your Shopping List

    What’s on your shopping list? Probably not natural stone, but we’ll bet that for each item on your list, you’ve spent some time researching. The same goes for purchasing natural stone for your future projects. You’ll need to do some research, but we can save you time.

    Read 9 Hard Questions to Ask When Shopping for Stone. This article answers more specific questions, like How thick does the stone need to be per project, and Are there fissures? And what exactly IS a fissure anyway? Get answers to questions you might not have thought to ask in the first place!

  • Natural Stone Floors—Good for Pets, Children, and Resale

    The warm feelings we enjoy this time of year can also extend to your—natural stone floors? Yes! Natural stone floors are not only durable and scratch resistant for active children and pets but can add value when you go to sell your home. What’s good for your family can also be good for the resale value of your home. Give your pets, children, and house the gift of natural stone flooring this winter. It will be a gift everyone will love.

    Read Pet and Kid Friendly Flooring to learn how natural stone flooring can be a great investment in your home and a win-win-win for you, your kids, and your pets.

  • Create the Illusion of Wood with Natural Stone

    Stone or wood flooring? You can’t have both in one product, right? Or can you?

    Yes, you can. You can have the advantages of a stone floor—less wear and tear, easy maintenance, stain resistance, and people- and pet-friendly—plus the look and warmth of wood when you choose the right type of stone and have it installed by flooring experts.

    Take a closer look at printed porcelain tiles and the natural grain-like patterns and woodsy colors of certain stones. Each can be laid out in planks, narrow “hardwood” strips, or parquet.

    Need photos? 5 Examples of Wood-like Tile for Floors That Look Stunningly Natural explains how you can enjoy both the toughness of stone and the look of wood.

  • Natural Stone Trends for 2019

    If you’ve put off remodeling your kitchen, bath, or basement bar until 2019, you’ve got some exciting natural stone ideas to consider—ideas that go beyond the usual stone and color choices and slabs as countertops.

    What’s new for 2019? Lines, edges, patterns, and aesthetic execution! When choosing the best stone for your project, think design, too. How can you portray the stone’s natural beauty—its lines, edges, patterns, and details—to create a look truly your own?

    Visit 5 Natural Stone Trends to Try in 2019 for examples and photos, and start thinking design. With you choosing the details, your projects will always be trendy.

  • Granite Tile—Natural Stone’s Less Expensive Alternative

    Love the appeal of granite, but not the price? How about installing granite tiles? With granite tiles, you get to enjoy granite’s beauty and durability for less.

    This article on granite tile gives you the information you need if you love the look of granite, the “most in-demand material for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.” This article gives you good advice on how to install granite tiles over your existing laminate countertops and when to hire a professional installer.

    It’s a win-win for you—installing granite tile is both easy on the eyes and the checkbook.


  • Trendy and Styling, Natural Stone Has Lost Its Stone Age Look

    When planning interior projects with a contemporary look, don’t count out stone. It comes naturally and, under practiced hands, can change from Stone Age to stylish. These aren’t your ancestor’s stones, well, maybe they are, but they can be cut and crafted into trendy, modernistic styles and patterns with durability and sustainability built right in.

    This article, with photos, from the contemporist gives you 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Stone for Your Interior Spaces. Check it out!

  • Learning to Live Together (or Cleaning and Caring for Your Natural Stone)

    You’ve spent a ton of time, money, and energy building or remodeling your indoor or outdoor living area — and your family loves your new natural stone walkways, countertops, and floors!

    Now it’s time to Get to Know Your Stone. Learning to live with the natural stone you’ve installed will go more smoothly if you’re armed with information on how to protect and maintain the stone.

    Your stone supplier probably provided some tips on care, but Get to Know Your Stone offers a quick-reference laundry list of which cleaning products to use on what types of stains, like ink, coffee, and even bird droppings. The goal? To preserve both the beauty of your natural stone and your relationship for many years to come.

  • Natural Stone Spas for Heating Up and Cooling Down

    Fall’s finicky weather can throw at us, at random, summer’s leftover heat and hints of cold to come. What’s the best way to deal with the ups and downs of fall temperatures? By keeping warm on cool days and cool on warm days with a natural stone indoor spa. From spacious walk-in showers to perfectly sized and shaped tubs, nearly any space in your home can be made into a spa. And natural stone offers a soothing atmosphere and quick cleanup.

    Read Natural Stone for Your Home Spa Bathroom for tips on tastefully decorating and choosing colors for the size of the room you’re planning to update.

  • Your Muddy-Dog Washroom Needs Natural Stone

    Don’t let that dog in the house!

    You won’t be saying that after you redesign your mudroom into a combined laundry and pet shower. With natural stone floors, walls, and shower, you can simply wash away the mud and mess! And welcome a clean dog into your home. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

    For a treat, read A Laundry Room with Bunk Beds and a Shower for Muddy Dogs to find the clever ways these owners used mosaic tile in the shower and quartz for ledges and counters.

  • Accent with Mosaic Tiles

    Mosaic tile masterpieces emerge when you place various colored tiles together to form patterns or pictures.

    Inside a home, we associate mosaic tile with backsplashes, surrounds, and countertops. But what about a bold, creative, decorative element, like waves of blue tile behind the mirror in your bathroom? Think eye-catching, refreshing, and surprising.

    Outside, we might find mosaic tile walkways, patios, and table tops. But what about covering your cement planters and dividing walls with mosaic tile to create a unique accent?

    For your next decorative expression project, consider mosaic tiles. Let the photos and information at Top Uses for Mosaic Tiles Around the House inspire you! You’ll find no shortage of ideas here!

  • What Do Millennials Know about Natural Stone?

    A lot! They may wait longer to buy a home, but when they do, they’re well researched and are prepared to make solid, lasting purchases. And that includes natural stone. According to Why Natural Stone Is a Great Option for Millennials, the National Association of Realtors reports that “millennials are the largest share of home buyers at 35%, and this figure has been increasing across the past four years.”

    Millennials are savvy, informed buyers who want natural stone’s quality, uniqueness, and lasting appeal in and outside of their homes. But it’s not just for millennials. The beauty and value of natural stone have been part of homes for generations.

  • Mosaic Tiles: More than Just a Pretty Face

    When giving a room in your home a facelift, you need not give up functionality. Mosaic tiles look good while working hard. The colorful, artistic mosaic tile design in your backsplash or shower wall is also protecting your walls. And that gorgeous tile floor is not only stunning but durable and long-lasting, too. Mosaic tiles add beauty while serving a purpose.

    Consider these 9 Top Places to Install Mosaic Tile in Your Home. And these bathroom-specific tile designs show charming creativity while competently handling moisture.

    Don’t let the beauty of mosaic tile fool you. It’s not just another pretty face.

  • Transfer Natural Stone’s Great Qualities to Your Next Project

    Remember the math equation you thought you’d never need again: if a=b and b=c, then a=c?

    Well, that same principle applies to building with natural stone. It does! It goes like this: If natural stone has really great qualities (which it does) and you use natural stone in your project, then your project will have really great qualities!

    So, when you start by choosing environmentally friendly natural stone, you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind countertop, walkway, or floor that is as fascinating and unique as it is beautiful.

    Want to know more good things about natural stone? Read this top-10 list, then start feeling good about your next building venture.

  • Five Types of Natural Stone for Flooring

    You can glean good information from do-it-yourself websites, even if you have no plans to do the project yourself. The Different Types of Stone Flooring, from DIY Network, offers details about five types of natural stone for flooring — marble, travertine, granite, slate, and limestone — including their characteristics and general costs to buy and install.

    As an added bonus, keep scrolling on that page for an article about marble flooring. The personalities for Carrara, Calacatta, and Breccia marble differ, as do the polished and honed finishes.

    If you’re planning to install a new floor in your home, the more information you gather, the better prepared you’ll be walking into it, or on it, in this case.

  • What’s Beneath Your Feet?

    Polished or porous, multicolors or just one, perfectly cut tiles or irregular shapes. The floor beneath your feet serves more than just allowing you to get from point A to point B. The natural stone floor you choose represents your style and character, too.

    Start narrowing your choices with Your Guide to Stone Flooring. This quick-read covers some of the characteristics of granite, limestone, marble, slate, travertine, and stone tiles, so when your friends ask what type of flooring you chose, you can answer confidently about what’s beneath your feet.