• Non-Boring Neutrals

    Aside from paint, flooring can be one of the easiest ways to personalize a room. Its color can be a neutral foundation or a vibrant focal point. Today’s trends take full advantage of new products as well as new thinking about style— and current trends favor neutrals.

    Neutral colors work with almost any color combination and won’t dominate your space allowing them to blend easily with your home furnishings and other décor. In order to make sure your floor still has personality despite the neutral color, opt for an option with texture. If you start with a neutral base, you can choose patterns and textures to create visual interest or a more dramatic look. Your neutral flooring choice will make a room cozy and allow you the option to change your home’s décor with the changing seasons. Neutral floors will let other elements of the room stand out like the wall color, furniture, accent pieces, wall art or even lighting features.

    Take a look at the portfolio Living Room Color Ideas: Neutral to find ideas and inspiration about how to design and decorate your living space with neutral base colors including a video about how to assemble the perfect palette of neutral colors.

    Not wearing white after labor day is a trend that definitely doesn’t apply to your floors! Turn every touch, every step and every floor into an unforgettable experience with the welcoming warmth and elegant simplicity of neutrals that will never go out of style!

  • Natural Stone Satisfies when Going Green

    With all of the choices that need to be made when building or remodeling, choosing natural building supplies satisfies not only the practice of building green, but your inner green, too. Natural stone meets green requirements – it’s environmentally responsible, locally available, resource efficient, durable, and sustainable, and, well, it simply feels good to use natural products.

    This natural stone advantage article touches on the variety, durability, green (eco) attributes, uniqueness, and value of natural stone, and can be your launching point to further research. Don’t miss the Resources tab for even more information.

  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall — Natural Stone Covers It All

    Changing your home’s décor with each season is a great idea, but what’s the best way to do that? By highlighting the beautiful colors that occur naturally in natural stone.

    If your home already features natural stone, such as in stone floors, countertops, or walls, draw out the existing colors with seasonal fabrics and accent pieces. If you’re planning to remodel or build, choose natural stone. You’ll find colors — and colors within colors — that make it easy to transition your home from season to season.

    Autumn and winter’s textures and hues are waiting for you! Start here: How to Use Natural Stone to Prepare Your Home for Autumn and Winter.

  • Live Beautifully During National Karastan Month

    There’s still time to take advantage of National Karastan Month, going on now through November 7th. Download the rebate coupon to get up to $1,000 back on select styles of Karastan carpet.

    Karastan wool carpet of our 7 lines we carry, you can feel confident you are purchasing the best flooring for your home. We are one of the world’s largest importers of New Zealand Wool. From Farm to Floor, Karastan’s wool carpeting and rugs are one of the most environmentally friendly products that can be used in your home.

  • Design Tips for Carpets and Rugs

    ​If you have kids, wall-to-wall carpet makes it a great, healthy, cozy spot to run around on, and they can crawl and jump around with a soft place to land. Carpet also improves the acoustics of a room and reduces noise.   As a bonus, carpet also keeps allergens out of the air! Learn More tips from Carpet and Rug Institute

  • outdoor natural stone surface kitchen countertopsA The Path Well Traveled — to Your Pool or Spa

    The Path Well Traveled — to Your Pool or Spa

    April showers may bring May flowers, but the warm sunshine also brings visions of you relaxing in a pool or spa just outside your backdoor. Hold on to that dream, because reality might be more like the constant coming and going of family, friends, and furry pets. You’ll need a pathway, patio, or pool surround that serves many purposes.

    Natural stone can satisfy your desire to have a walkway surface that is durable, requires minimal care, speaks to your style, and blends with nature, all in a variety of finishes, textures, and colors.

    To start you on the right path, take a minute to read “Why Natural Stone Is Your Best Choice for a Poolside Surface.” The article covers choosing the right stone, advantages, and care.

    Remember, the perfect pathway starts with a little research and ends with the relaxing dip in the pool you’ve been dreaming of.

  • What types of stone flooring are there?

    Natural Stone

    Flagstone: Flagstone is a sedimentary rock which is split or cut into layers. Flagstone tiles are most often used outdoors for patios, walkways, steps, and similar applications

    Granite: Granite is very dense, scratch resistant, and occurs naturally in hundreds of varieties of color and shading. Granite floors are one of the most popular types of stone flooring; granite is also often used for kitchen countertops and in some bath environments. Continue Reading

  • How Stone Floors Are Made

    You might think that getting natural stone from a quarry to your home’s floor is a fairly simple process. Something like just slice and ship. But like all pieces of art, which natural stone should be considered, there’s also a real art to its production. Part art, creativity and passion, part science, system and technology. Continue Reading

  • Installing Stone and Tile Flooring

    Installation of stone floors should be performed by a reliable professional. It is heavy, difficult work that is labor intensive, unforgiving of mistakes and often requires use of some sophisticated tools. Your retailer may offer installation or likely can make a recommendation.

    Continue Reading