All About Color & Transitional Designs

Area rugs are the quickest and most affordable way to spruce up your space. But, where do you start in trying to find the perfect new area rug for your home?

The area rug scene is dominated by two trends: bright, imaginative and striking colors and “the neutrals” beige, grays and taupes in transitional designs.

While transitional designs offer the most design flexibility, it’s your decor that will determine which colors make the most sense. If your furniture or walls are splashed with pattern and colors than a warm transitional neutral area rug will be the perfect compliment. If your decor is neutral and minimalistic than you can be more daring and innovative with your rug choice.

Find inspiration in Elle Decor’s 28 Best Living Room Rugs To Elevate Your Lounge Space From Casual To Chic to help you set the tone in your home with the perfect rug.